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Partner Promotion Program

You promote, sneleentaxi rewards

Do you have a website, social media channel or newsletter? Become a Promotion Partner and earn money for visitors you refer to Every booking a new customer makes through your link earns you a €5.00 referral fee!

For whom?

Everybody who has a website, social media channel or newsletter can become a sneleentaxi Promotion Partner. These Promotion Partners have already discovered the convenience of earning extra money:

The Partner Promotion Program

Earning money with sneleentaxi's Partner Promotion Program couldn't be easier. The Partner Promotion Program is an affiliate marketing program. First sign up to become a Promotion Partner. Then use your personal link to promote sneleentaxi's taxi rides. You earn €5.00 for each booking new customers make on through your personal link. Once the ride has been concluded, you'll receive your referral fee.

Why you'll want to become a Promotion Partner

High referral fees

For every new customer who books a taxi on you earn a €5.00 referral fee. Earn a bit of extra cash without any effort!

Easy implementation

You can easily share your personal link on your website, blog, social media channel, in a newsletter or through other channels.

Free banner materials

Want to use a personalised banner? We can design one for you in any size you need.

Personal contact

Our sales team is available on weekdays to answer questions or brainstorm with you on ways to maximise you referral earnings.

30-day cookies

The referral fee is paid for bookings made up to 30 days after the initial visit to through your personal link.

Extra service

Offer your customers/network an easy taxi service to and from any location in the Netherlands at competitive rates.

How it works

Share the link

Simply share your personal link on your website, in a blog, on social media or in an email. Encourage visitors to book a taxi with sneleentaxi. Booking with sneleentaxi offers these advantages:

  • easy online booking
  • from and to all locations in NL and airports in DE and BE
  • competitive rates
  • free cancellation up to 3 hours before departure

Visitor books a taxi

If someone visits through your personal link, we'll register that. If this visitor books a taxi within 30 days of your referral, we'll link this new customer's booking to your account. At the end of the month, this allows us to see how many bookings have been made through your link. Earn a bit of extra cash without any effort!

Earn a €5.00 referral fee

For every new customer who books through your personal link you'll receive a €5.00 referral fee. The referral fee is added to your account 5 days after the ride has been concluded. Total earnings will be paid on a quarterly basis.

Frequently asked questions


Do you have a question or a problem? Just contact our team and we'll help you out.

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